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Outdoor group fitness will help you to get you in the best shape of your life!

All workouts are designed by BCRPA certified personal trainer Jaime Schmid to cover all the aspects of fitness: core, cardio,,strength and toning, power, agility, fat loss and maintenance.

A variety of games, fit challenges, and various training protocols like HIIT training are used to continually shock the body with new demands keeping plateaus and boredom at bay!

High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is a type of training that begs exercisers to go hard or go home, regardless of the activity!  It involves repeated bouts of high intensity exercise followed by short periods of recovery. The work-to-rest ratios can come in all shapes and sizes but if you’re hoping for maximum benefits, you must be willing to work hard. This results in improved cardiovascular efficiency and increased metabolism for faster fat loss.


1. Let’s face it, nothing makes you want to show off more than competing with people working out next to you! That’s the #1 benefit to join a group fitness class: motivation to compete with others.

2. Cost Savings – You can still get the benefits of working with a trainer on a budget!

3. Utilizing the natural landscape allows you to train ANY- WHERE. The goal is to teach you how take fitness with you when you work out on your own outside of a gym. Oh and trust me, running in the rain gives you a higher sense of accomplishment than running on a treadmill!



  • Health Benefits such as an increase in cardio endurance & capacity, improved posture, more energy, better sleep, improved self-esteem, and the fact you are going to feel incredible!
  • Private goal setting – This is hands down the MOST important part of achieving any type of results. I can consult with you to help you establish goals and stay on track to reach them!
  • Circumference measurements are done privately before or after class.
  • Fit testing built into the classes, so you can compare and compete with your results every month.
  • VARIETY! Every class is different – you’ll train for endurance, power, & strength in a fun and creative ways!
  • More personal attention in a group setting because of smaller classes (12 people max.)
  • All fitness levels are welcome!  I plan all classes to accommodate various fitness levels so everyone is challenged but nobody is left out.
  • Free Events – Monthly Challenge ( hiking, planned runs, etc.) to get you out of your comfort zone.


I will challenge you to push out that extra rep, run that extra lap, add one more pull-up so you can beat your personal best.  I strive to make your workouts tough so you are rewarded with the results of your efforts!


All you need is an outdoor yoga mat and a pair of 5lb or 8lb free weights. All other equipment will be provided.  Convenient class times combined with the freedom to mix and match bootcamp classes to suit your schedule makes it easy to get started and stick to!

Class Location & Times

McLeod Athletic Park: 58 Ave &, 214 St, Langley, BC V1M

Classes run Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

6-7 am, 9:30-10:30 am, 6-7pm



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